Tuesday, July 26, 2011

32 weeks & 1 day

I still have to pinch myself daily when I think about how far we have come in this pregnancy.  We are getting so close to having this sweet baby in our arms and somedays I still can't imagine it.  I am feeling good, well except for the normal third trimester bothers which I gladly endure as it means that I am WAY more pregnant than I have ever been and that our Pooh is growing big and strong.  Pooh has been doing very well at our weekly NST/BPPs!!  Yesterday the nurse, who was so compassionate and actually read my chart before she came out to get me-what a concept, told me that she wished all of the NST strips looked like ours.  That made this momma VERY happy :)  

Even as things are going seemingly great physically, my brain gets in the way most days and I give in to worry.  I constantly worry that something is going to happen to Pooh and that instead of bringing her home in September, we will be leaving the hospital empty handed again....another memory box, another urn...blah.  I hate thinking this way and I just wish I could let it go, but as much as I try, I can't.  But as my nurse from yesterday said, "you have been through a lot and nothing will reassure you until you have that sweet baby in your arms." So true, I loved this woman...she gets it!  I would love to have my innocence back...to be naive again and I envy those who are.  

But as I worry constantly for the life of my sweet growing girl, I relish every kick, every roll, every time I feel her sweet little bum or feet poking though my tummy.  I love it...all of it.  Every moment of this pregnancy is a gift for which I am so very thankful.  I am trying to soak it all in because I know that the future is unpredictable and that we never know what is around the next corner.  

Here are a few pics, the last two are from our BPP ultrasound yesterday, they don't normally take any extra time to look at the baby but like I said above, my nurse was wonderful and we tried to sneak a little peak.  Pooh was being shy, though, and kept putting hands and feet in front of her face.  I love seeing her though, any little piece of her that I can.  So in love with this girl!!!

Harper's Garden- those tall stalks are sunflowers (not weeds) that we are hoping will bloom soon.  The brass dragonflies were gifts from my mom and the sign was a gift from my dad, that Chris did a wonderful job staining. :)

32 weeks with Zeus, he's thinks that the shade I am making with my belly is rather convenient! 

Sweet foot :)  

Pooh turning her head and putting her hand up, I love this little girl so much!  She is already full of personality!  


Caroline said...

love that baby, belly, and that Zeus too :)

Danae said...

Love the pictures! We are getting so close! I understand giving in to the worry some days...it is really hard for me on the days that Cameron is being a little lazy!

Jenny said...

OH yes the worry is awful. One half day of this child being lazy and I lose my mind. Its so scary, I always say we've lost our innocence so things are just scarier. I am 31w4days. So glad you are feeling good. Love the pictures, you are beautiful!

Nicole said...

Love the pictures!

I catch myself freaking a little about leaving the hospital with those "things" (I'm happy to have them, of course, instead of not having anything from Caroline's life tangibly with me, but still...) instead of a baby. Like your wonderful nurse said, I don't think anything will offer relief until we do have these babies in our arms crying and healthy!

Praying for you!

mamaoftwogurls said...

Too cute!! Love the garden as well!! :)

Drew's Parents said...

I remember all of the worry, and I do agree with the nurse. Until Ms. Pooh Bear is in your arms, it will be difficult to silence those fearful voices.
Great pictures! Harper's garden is perfect. I love the new sign and dragonflies.
I am so happy to hear that Pooh Bear is excelling on her BPPs and NSTs. I can't wait to see this little girl. You and Pooh are looking beautiful. Cheering for you both over these last exciting weeks! Love to you <3 <3 <3

Priscilla said...

Can't wait to meet that sweet girl!

Natasha said...

You look so cute! Love the doggie hiding in the shade your tummy makes! So glad all your tests are going well and that you had such a great nurse! Can't wait to see that little girl!

Dana said...

I'm so glad that you and Pooh are doing well and that you had such a nice nurse.

I love, love, love Harper's garden. It is perfect.

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