Friday, July 15, 2011


I had my first NST (Non-stress test) and BPP (biophysical profile) today.  I will be having them bi-weekly from here on out.  Which is fine with me since it is just more reassurance that Pooh is doing well and an excuse to see her in action.  I don't mind camping out in the Dr's office if it brings me some peace of mind!

Clinically, it went well.  Pooh aced  it!  Her heart rate reacted just as it should, she was active, she was practicing her breathing and her fluid levels looked good.  They wanted to get a good look at her making a fist to check her muscle tone but she wouldn't move her fist away from her face so hopefully we will see that next time.

Bedside mannerly (not sure if that is a word), the appointment could have used some help.  The test was done at the local MFM office who we are not big fans of anyway and I am so accustomed to being treated with kid gloves at my OB appointments that I left feeling disappointed.  My OB office knows me, I even have my Dr's cell number.  To them I am a real person with a real child growing, not just a patient or a number.  I know I am a hormonal, brat needy pregnant woman and I have been spoiled but I have expectations and I feel like I am entitled to a little special treatment considering all that we have been through in the last year.  I just felt that I was rushed through the assembly line.  I wasn't given an explanation of what to expect or what was being done to me without asking a ton of questions and some of the staff was a little gruff.  But as long as our girl is doing well, that is all that matters and I can get over the rest.

Sorry for the little rant.  I guess I needed to get that off my chest.  The most important news is that we are almost 31 weeks and we are doing well, all of us!  I am so thankful for every week that we get to mark off the calendar as that is a week closer we are to meeting our screaming, healthy baby girl face to face!  I have spent a lot of time day dreaming about that sweet day!


Angela said...

I'm glad she passed the test. I hate, hate, hate being treated like one more patient the staff have to get through before their long day is over. I think there should be facilities just for women who have lost babies. We need extra time, attention, and reassurance.

LauraJane said...

I agree, you totally deserve better attention from the dr's office. I agree w/ Angela, special places for special mom-to-bes.

Congrats on the awesome biophysical and nst. :)

Lisa said...

Oh I SO agree. When I see my usual dr. - the one who delivered Adelyn and gets it more than any person who hasn't experienced it - I always get special treatment - SHE checks the heartbeat, not the nurse, and she walks me out and tells the receptionist who I need to see next time. When I see someone else, I don't get that and the receptionist ticks me off every time. I want to scream at her and tell her to read my file!! Ugh. Glad I'm not the only one who crazily feels that way!

Drew's Parents said...

Yeah, Pooh Bear! Good job on your NST and BPP! I am so thrilled for you guys! You are getting so so close!
I am sorry that you had to experience such poor bedside manner. I think that as loss moms we deserve a little extra attention and care. I only had one really bad appointment during BB's pregnancy, but this article really helped me feel justified in my anger.

Dana said...

I'm so glad she is doing so well.

I know what you mean about wanting a little special treatment. I'm not even 6 weeks yet, but I'm anxious that I won't get any special treatment, that I will be treated like other pregnant women who've never had a loss. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants it :)

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