Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feeling dumb

Some of you may realize that I deleted the post that went out this morning.  I started working on my post for Harper's 2nd birthday this morning, wanting to make sure that I had plenty of time before her birthday which is on June 25th.  Apparently, I hit the 'publish' button instead of the 'save' button and my post was prematurely published.  I don't like the way this new blogger format is set up - I realize it is not that new but I am not the greatest about posting these days so it is new to me.  Unfortunately I had no idea the post went out until I saw the sweet comment from Jennifer.  I debated with myself, feeling like a fool for screwing up something as important as her birthday post and I had finally decided I was going to leave it since so many had already read it but I have decided that I am not really done with it and I will post the rest on Harper's day.  I am not sure where my head the clouds, I guess.


Jennifer said...

And I, in all my sleep-deprived, adled brain, thought it was already June 25 when I commented. (@_____@) Sorry about that. I hope Harper's special day would be gentle and meaningful and yes, truly special for you and your family. <3

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