Friday, June 17, 2011


Over the last six-ish months I have had the honor of meeting and becoming good friends with two BLMs in real life...Priscilla and Caroline.

Priscilla and I met through our blogs and when I found out that she and her husband were moving to the area, I knew we had to meet up.  We hit it off and have been enjoying our four hour (I guess we have lots to talk about :) lunch dates ever since.  Priscilla has been through so much and has had to say goodbye to three of her children over the last  eight years, Jacob, Jordan, and Olivia.

I met Caroline through the Faces of Loss holiday gift exchange back in December.  Her son, Cale, was born still, just days from his due date, last June only three days after Harper was born.  We were both surprised that we lived less than ten minutes from each other and that our children's birthdays were so close together.  We have become very close in the last six months, as well.

These two women have been such a lifeline to me over the last six months.  They understand my continued struggles with grief and the the roller coaster of emotions that come along with being pregnant with a rainbow.  They have made me feel normal when I felt that no one else really understood my feelings.  They have been where I am and they "get" me.  They have been an ear and a shoulder.  Both of their friendships have meant the world to me and I know that they will continue for many, many years.

All of this is why I am overjoyed to say that in the last week and a half they have both given birth to their healthy, living and absolutely beautiful rainbow baby boys.  I can't even describe in words how it makes my heart feel to see these beautiful, caring women finally holding their rainbows.  I guess I would simply say, it makes my heart swell with happiness and it gives me hope that my day will come.

Having had the honor of meeting and holding (!!!!) Samuel Ryan Moore and Finley Daren Hidalgo has truly been food for this baby loss mama's soul.


Dana said...

I am so happy to hear that their rainbows made it here safely and that you have found such supportive, wonderful friends (and that one of them was through the Christmas Gift Exchange :)

Their babies are beautiful, just as I know Pooh is. I can't wait to see pictures of her too.

Becky said...

That's wonderful that you have made such good friends, even though it had to be through a babyloss, and that they have both got there rainbows. I can't wait till your Pooh gets here also:)

Natasha said...

So happy to hear about healthy babies! Fabulous news!!!

Hope you and your little one are doing well!


Caroline said...

Read this and cried. Not like it takes much, but reminds me how thankful I am for your friendship. <3

Olivia's Mom said...

Thank you for being such an amazing source of support! I can't wait to meet sweet little Pooh here in a couple months!!!

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