Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Edit from yesterday...

Apparently my math skills (preggo brain!) were lacking yesterday when I posted, saying that we needed to keep progressing smoothly for the next 18ish weeks.  I am a little over 23 weeks so that would equal 41 weeks and as much as I would like to go all the way to full term at 40+ weeks, I am pretty sure that we are planning on inducing at week 39 which means we need to stay boring and keep baking for another 16 weeks :)

Just a quick side note:  I called the MFM office this morning after realizing over the weekend that our Dr didn't tell us what Pooh's weight was measuring from the ultrasound.  And I guess with all of the commotion of the "keystone cops" trying to get my cervical length I forgot to ask.  I realize that this is not the biggest deal in the world but I wanted to know.  A very nice nurse from their office called back this afternoon to tell me that baby Pooh's weight was 1lb. and 2 oz. as of last Friday.  She is right where she should be...middle of the road at 46 percentile.  Keep growing, sweet Pooh!!!


Olivia's Mom said...

Yay for a healthy little Pooh! I'm glad her weight is right on track. :)

Here's to an uneventful 16 weeks!!!!

Caroline said...

16 is way better than 18 :)

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