Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Close

Today we are 23 weeks which means we are one week away from official "viability".  It feels good yet incredibly scary to be so close to our big milestones; going into premature labor at 25 weeks and then delivering Harper at 26 weeks and 1 day.  Scary or not, we are getting there and so far things are progressing nicely. Knock on wood!  I just hope that they continue to do so for the next 16ish weeks!

We had our follow-up appointment with the high risk OB (MFM) last Friday.  All went well and sweet Pooh looked great, thankfully!  She was mostly cooperative as they got all of her measurements and she appears to be growing right on track.  She is quite the wiggly little thing, so much that the nurse performing the ultrasound asked me what we had for lunch. :)

The nurse who did our scan apparently didn't get a "nice enough" picture of my cervix so when the Dr came in she wanted another look see.  So much fun, two vaginal ultrasounds in one visit!  *Note the sarcasm*  These two women were like frick and frack trying to get me in an appropriate position and then getting the equipment in a good place to check my cervix.  It was pretty comical.  My cervix looked good, though, measuring right at 4cm.

The other thing we found out is that I have an anterior placenta.  Other than making it more difficult to feel these early movements, it should pose no medical risk.  It could make a c-section more tricky and baby would have a higher likely hood of being in the "sunny side up" position at birth meaning face up instead of face down which could make a vaginal delivery more challenging.  But hopefully in time the placenta will move as my uterus grows and it won't pose a problem.  If an anterior placenta is the biggest of my worries during this pregnancy, I will take it gladly!

Here is a picture of our stubborn little girl...she wouldn't take her hands down from her face and look at those pursed lips, she is primping already!!  So in love with her <3

**edit** Apparently my math skills were lacking yesterday when I posted this, saying that we needed to keep progressing smoothly for the next 18ish weeks.  That makes 41 weeks and as much as I would like to go all the way to full term at 40 weeks, I am pretty sure that we are planning on inducing at week 39 which means we need boring for another 16 weeks :) 


Andrea said...

Love hearing about your updates. The photo of her is precious. I love how her little hands are up by her face. I'll be thinking of you the next few weeks as you pass the big milestones.

LauraJane said...

Ah! Love the little hands, so beautiful. :) And pursing her lips? She's a diva in the making!!! :)

Tiffany said...

<3 so cute.

Danae said...

Thinking of you as you approach those dates...I understand how you are feeling, because we are at 20 1/2 weeks right now and I went into labor with Bailey at 23 weeks. We'll get through these next few weeks, and hopefully be good to go!

Little Pooh is just like Cameron and likes to hide her face during her pictures!

Mary said...


Olivia's Mom said...

Yay for good appointments! Pooh's such a cutie! She looks like she just woke up and is rubbing her eyes. :)

Here's to uneventful days/weeks ahead.

rebecca said...

Awe, such a lovely update and wonderful picture of your precious little girl! I remember being very nervous as we approached this milestone a few weeks ago...thinking of you guys, sending so much love and lots of positive thoughts that all will continue smoothly!

Natasha said...

What a beautiful baby girl!!!!

Drew's Parents said...

She is adorable! I am so thrilled for you and hope that the next 16 weeks are uneventful. I will be sending you extra strong thoughts as you approach the 25-26 weeks milestone. Cheering Pooh on and sending you love!

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