Friday, December 3, 2010


I found this at Target yesterday as I was in the Christmas aisle buying something for work.  It is an angel playing a harp.  Harper means 'harp player' or 'harp maker' and of course, our Harper is an angel.

Even though I am not decorating this year, I bought four!


Andrea said...

It is beautiful! I've been looking for a tree ornament for Oliver to put on our tree. Thinking of you! <3

rebecca said...

Beautiful!!! And I love the new blog layout. Thinking of you & sending love ((hugs))

Bonne said...

Beautiful, I love it... what a perfect ornament for a sweet angel.
I love your new look for Harper's Page... very pretty..
I love you so much my sweet girl.
I know its hard for you right now sweetheart,I so sorry you are sad, wish I could make it better, just know I'm always here for you. I truly believe one day Christmas will be your favorite time again.
Our sweet Harper is in heaven, smiling down on & watching over her mommy & daddy wanting you to be happy. I love you all bunches & bunches!
your Momma & Harper's GIGi

Beth said...

beautiful, so beautiful. love finding things like that.... and I'm not decorating for Christmas either, didn't last year either...

Olivia's Mom said...

Love the ornament! It reminds me a LOT of two ornaments we got for Jake and Jordan several years back -- same style and from Target. :) So beautiful!

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