Monday, August 30, 2010

I Will Carry You

We had a relaxing weekend. We went to a nursery on Saturday trying to find a tree to plant for Harper. I think we have decided on a southern magnolia, she will grow tall and strong and give us beautiful flowers in early summer. We like the summer flowering since Harper was born in the summer. Magnolias are resistant to drought and disease and would do well in our climate. We are planning on extending a part of our fence and gating off our memorial garden to keep it safe from the wild and crazy Zeus & Luna.

We will do a little more homework to find out when the best time to plant is and get started on our little project soon. I can't wait!

I just finished reading I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy by Angie Smith. It is an absolutely wonderful book, I cried through most of it. The lovely Rebecca sent it to me and I am so grateful. I have found so much comfort and strength in this book and I know that I will read it again. Below is the video and song, I Will Carry You (Audrey's song) by Selah. Have your kleenex handy. This is an amazingly strong and inspirational family.


Dana said...

I read that book abotu 3 weeks after losing Jacob and I cried my way through it as well. It is still my favorite book written by another babyloss Mom. There was one part of the book where she spoke directly to the reader and it really helped, it helped alleviate the loneliness a little bit more.

I've known about that song, but I've been avoiding it because I knew it would cause a major breakdown. I listened to it for the first time a few weeks ago (and cried for hours afterwards). It is so beautiful and describes it all so well. I want to watch the video you posted, and I started to, but I'm at work and it just wouldn't be pretty. I'll do it soon though. Jacob's 3 month anniversary is coming up on Sept 1. I'll watch it then maybe.

I love the idea of planting a tree for Harper. A beautiful idea.

Angela said...

I love that book. A friend sent me a care package soon after Charlotte died. That books was tucked inside along with a CD with the. I cried my way through the book, but it was very helpful, and as Dana said, made me feel less alone.

We planted a Charlotte rose in our garden soon after she died. It is blooming right now and brings me such joy. I love the idea of a tree, and that it has special meaning for you.

Olivia's Mom said...

I love the idea of planting the tree in your garden. What a great way to keep her memory alive! If we didn't move around so much, I would do the same. :)

Also, thanks for the book recommendation! That's one that I haven't read yet, but you mentioning it helped remind me that I need to put that on my list. I find that many of these books help bring a great sense of comfort in our situation...

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing the video. I love the idea of planting a tree. We are planning on planting an olive tree in our back yard on Oliver's due date. We figured even if we move, we will always plant one wherever we are in memory of him.

rebecca said...

I'm so glad the book blessed you, I too cried through most of it, but felt it spoke to me more than any other book. And I agree I think I'll read it again & again.
Love the magnolia tree plan, those are so beautiful & a wonderful way to remember Harper. Sending love & prayers my friend.

Melissa said...

I just finished reading that book last week. I agree, it's one I can see myself going back to. Such an inspiration.

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