Thursday, October 28, 2010

BLM Therapy

Well, yesterday was so good for my heart.  I got to meet Priscilla, another BLM (baby loss mama) in real life!  When cyber space meets real life it is so cool.  Her and her hubby (and Oba!) just got stationed here, thanks to the Army, and I am so happy to have them :)

We had a wonderful lunch date....just two angel Moms hanging out.  I must say that it was good for my soul to be around someone who is like me, yet different.  I felt understood and accepted.  I loved that we were able to talk about our babies and everything else and it just seemed normal.  I am looking forward to getting the rest of our families together, doggies included, sometime soon.  

As a lot of you know from a previous post I am going to be doing a little public speaking tomorrow at an appreciation luncheon.  It is in honor of the volunteers who put together the memory boxes for my hospital.  I have been a  procrastinator my whole academic life.  My excuse has always been that I perform better under pressure and I guess this is no different since I just finished up my speech tonight.  Since it's about Harper, it is not surprising that it just flowed out of me.  Now I need to rehearse even though I have a feeling that as soon as I stand up there I will just be ad-libbing quite a bit.  Here's to kleenex and water proof mascara.  

I am not really nervous...yet.  I am actually excited to be able to talk about Harper with a room full of women who will most likely 'get it'.  Chances are they have been in my shoes at some point in their life.  So, please send prayers, good karma, and happy thoughts my way tomorrow as I hope to do good by Harper and honor my daughters sweet name.  


Jennifer said...

It's wonderful you and Priscilla got to meet. I read Oba's got some dose of lovin' from you, his new friend. It would be lovely for the hubbies and doggies to be there on your next meetup. :) Like you, I'm a habit. Nothing beats cramming out stuffs under pressure. Though it's probably one of the reasons why I got a load of white hair already. Ugh.

Goodluck on your speech tomorrow. I'm sure you'll deliver a very meaningful and heartfelt talk for the people attending. It's a good opportunity to share some understanding about what we go through and to tell them Harper's story. I send my prayers, good karma, happy thoughts and a whole lotta love to you.

Melissa said...

I am so proud of you for speaking tomorrow. Harper is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful mommy! I pray that it is a wonderful day for you as you tell Harper's story.

Olivia's Mom said...

Yes, we definitely have to get the pups together. I know Oba would be in dog heaven! :)

What a great opportunity to speak publicly about your daughter, Harper! I'll be thinking about you lots tomorrow as you go to that luncheon. Looking forward to hearing how it all went! :)

Dana said...

I'm so glad you got to meet another baby loss Mom.

Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and I'm sure you will do great!

Krissi said...

Awww! I am so moved by this! I am so sorry for your loss. I am so glad you found another mom to connect with in real life. Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking of you. *Hugs!* ICLW #72 & 106

Radiant Readhead said...

I love Pricilla! I am so glad you two got to meet. We had the pleasure of hanging out a few weeks ago, and she is amazing! I am glad you have the support near you now.
Good luck with your speech!

Drew's Parents said...

I have been sending you lots of well wishes today! I hope that your event went well. I imagine you touched a lot of people. <3
I am also so happy to hear that you got to meet Priscilla! Having each other nearby will be so nice. Like you said, it is great to be with someone who gets it! I can't wait to hear about the first puppy play date too! I know I will be in happy tears reading it :)
Sending you love today! <3 <3 <3

rebecca said...

So glad that you and Priscilla got to spend some quality time together, such good therapy for the soul! Will be keeping you close in my thoughts & prayers for tomorrow's speech. You are such an incredibly strong woman and have survived so much, think of your beautiful daughter and how you are honoring her with this show of strength. Much love to you my friend!

Jenny said...

aww sounds great :) this is my first time here, but i'm glad you had a good day! :)

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