Monday, September 27, 2010

Harper's Memorial Garden

We have just recently finished up our memorial garden for Harper. We planted a pink dogwood. I am so excited to see it bloom in the spring. The garden is basically done, we are just waiting for our memorial stone to place at the base of the tree. Hopefully it will be here by her due date, but possibly not until next week sometime. Here are some pictures I took to chronicle our journey from start to finish.


My sweet Husband :)

Clearing out a spot.

Framing out the fence.

This is me, supervising...:)

My very talented Husband putting up the fence.

Luna's happy face!

Happy Zeus!

The wall, old fence, comes down!

New alcove for Harper's garden.

Planting day.

Our completed project, minus her stone.

Our garden for Harper turned out really well.  Especially considering we are not professional fence builders or landscapers.  We wanted to have it done by her due date and other than her memorial stone,  we finished on time.  Eventually we will plant some flowers and put a bench out there.  

The dragonflies have already taken a liking to her garden. There were so many of them out and about on the day we planted her tree :)  

I am happy that we now have a quiet place to sit and reflect and memorialize our little girl.  


Drew's Parents said...

It is so beautiful! I am so impressed with how it turned out and can just imagine how it will look once the stone, flowers, and bench are there! What a perfect memorial for your sweet daughter. <3 We are hoping to create a garden for Drew in the spring. I might be contacting you for suggestions! :) Thinking of you and Harper <3 <3 <3
PS. Luna is adorable!

Jessica said...

That is so beautiful and a very impressive job! I am glad it was done in time for Harper's due date :) She is blessed to have such loving parents :) (((hugs))) <3

Kristin said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Jennifer said...

What a lovely garden for Harper! The pink dogwood would definitely bloom beautifully next spring. Glad to hear you guys were able to get it done before Harper's due date. [On a sidenote: I smiled at one of your captions, "This is me, supervising..." Yup, that's the way yard work, especially those build-y stuffs, should be done. ;)]

rebecca said...

Oh, it is so beautiful! What a lovely way to honor Harper and give you a peaceful place to reflect.

Brittani Krieger said...

It is absolutely beautiful! I only wish I could do something like this my my sweet angel "Rylan Jayce"! We live in an apartment and can't plant a tree! SO I will just look at yours and dream! Thank you for posting!

Amanda said...

Love it! So beautiful!

Andrea said...

Beautiful! I'm looking forward to planting a tree for Oliver to have something to always look out at and watch change throughout the seasons. Thinking of you! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

So beautiful! I love the idea that you came up with, having her own little space. Can't wait to see it bloomed next Spring! ((hugs))

Dana said...

It is beautiful! I can just imagine it when the stone and the bench are added and the tree is in bloom. It will such a beautiful and peaceful spot.

Melissa said...

Thinking of you and your family as you remember what should have been the day Harper joined your family tomorrow.

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